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We may not have had Mountain Gorillas, but we did have Gorillas in the Mountains!

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Latest Video Updates
Joe gets his Meds. A nice moment as Joe gets his medications from the late JoBeth Dewar.
Musical Joe. As noted in our update of 12Dec2010, Musician Tom visited Silverback Villa for a musical soiree to see how he would react. And at the end of the performance, Joe does a wonderful purr-rumble which seems to indicate he liked it!
Musical Joe. Another movie, this one with Tom playing Over the Rainbow. Again Joe rumbles at the end of the performance!
An Apple A Day. Oliver enjoys his morning feed - especially the apples, which sound so good. This is an odd clip, since a couple of times it looks like Oliver stops because he hears something. But he's deaf, so it's just that he's thinking?
Stratton, the younger goat is fearless and often goes into Oliver's cage to snatch a few of Oliver's tasty foods. Oliver seems bemused and only occasionally gestures when Stratton gets a bit too close...

23 Nov 2007

Some All Time Favorites
Joe's First Day Out: This remains one of the all time favorite video clips to watch, as Joe went outside for the first time in a decade, in April 2004.

Oliver's first day out ...  The initial departure from the villa was slow and is shown in 2 video clips.
Oliver's first day out, Part Two:  Walking thru habitat.
Upright Oliver - bipedal display.
Tricks for Treats. To keep their minds active, instead of putting treats where they can easily get them, we use all different ideas to challenge them. Here Joe shows how smart he is by using patience and some dexterity to get the treats from his split pipe feeder.
Oliver's Birthday. Oliver discovers treats inside the pinata.

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